No dive is perfect without a proper accident insurance!

We offer you a safeguard against the financial ramifications of accidents whether underwater or afloat!

Our insurance coverage is valid 24 hours a day and all over the globe!

Subsequently, accidents occuring on your way to the dive site as well as during your dive are also insured.


We are experts for accident insurances for divers and collaborate with dive centers throughout the world.

This is us:

Günther Gmelch

Active in the insurance industry for over 30 years and a dedicated diver just as long.

Peter Gmelch

Working for the insurance office Gmelch since 2011 and an enthusiastic diver by the same token.

Juanita Sims

The good soul of the office and taking care of our Spanish speaking business partners.

Story of a diver:


While at 9 o'clock in the morning diver Dennis Deep is on his way to the boat, suddenly a heavy scuba tank - how could it be otherwise - falls onto his big toe.


With a thick bandage on his foot he puts on his flippers. But suddenly, at a depth of 25 meters, a surgeon fish bites his ear. Because of this he gets so scared that he undeliberately grabs a scorpionfish with his hand.


To make matters worse, he gets hit by the weight belt of his buddy Sharkman on the way back to the water surface. Sharkman has been a tad too thoughtless...


Enjoying the evening in a lovely restaurant our friend Dennis suddenly overlooks a step, falls into the fish outlet and rams a fork of the next table into his left thigh.


NO MATTER what may happen, he is insured against accidents by sea or by land, underwater or afloat, all around the clock!

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We will examin your current insurance protection with pleasure. This is valid for already existing contracts as well. Please contact us, We will advise you gladly!

You can easily reach us using these information:


Mobile:       +49 176 10027994


Telephone: +49 9243 224


Fax:            +49 9243 839



You can find us here

Regionaldirektion Günther Gmelch

Allfinanz Aktiengesellschaft DVAG

Kühlenfelser Str. 60

91278 Pottenstein




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